Nail Treatments

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Nail Treatments

At Beautiful You, our highly skilled nail technician provides a full range of nail treatments including Blingline, Calgel, Shellac gel manicure or pedicure, nail or toe paint, manicure, pedicure, and toe nails cut and filed.

Nail Treatments - Demonstration Video

What is Blingline?

In 2018, BLINGline was created a Swedish brand with Karin Schön at the forefront and her 35 years in the industry. Blinglines vision is to always be at the forefront of colors and glitter gels. They are planning to launch 6 colors and 6 glitter gels at least 4 times per year to meet the needs of my clients.Everything to match the different seasons and to keep an eye on the fashion industry with color choices. These colours are hardwearing last really well.

What is Calgel?

Calgel is a prestige gel product which gives nails the ultimate look and finish whilst preventing fungus and reducing the risk of infection. This is the world’s first and only gel manicure system to incorporate Nano-Silver Technology in the gel with the approval of FDA.

How long does Blingline, Calgel or shellac last?

Blingline and Calgel typically lasts for up to four weeks. These top quality product gives strength when applied to the natural nail and super strong nail extensions. Shellac will last up to 2 weeks and we prefer to use shellac in pedicures as they last longer on toes.

Nail Treatment Price List

Gel on natural nails – Price £25
Gel with glitter – Price £26
Gel with chrome – Price £27
Gel with nail art – Price £29
Blingline extensions – Price £35*
Soak Off – Price £12
Nail / Toe Paint – Price from £10
Manicure – Price £20
Pedicure - Price £22
Shellac Gel Manicure – Price £20
Shellac Gel Pedicure – Price £22
Gel application only – Price £19

* Nail art, glitter and chrome will incur an additional charge