Permanent Hair Removal

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Permanent Hair Removal

For semi-permanent hair removal, please view our Waxing Treatments page.

IPL 2nd Generation Permanent Hair Removal - QUICK, SAFE AND PAINLESS

Beautiful You is proud to provide advanced treatments for Permanent Hair Removal, otherwise known as SHR ‘Super Hair Removal’. This procedure can be described as virtually painless as it utilises advanced, sophisticated technology with a revolutionary new type of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and focused Radio Frequency.

Super Hair Removal is available at Beautiful You at an affordable price. Our fully trained consultants maintain up-to-date training using this incredible Permanent Hair Removal technology. The procedure is safe, painless and very quick. The results are amazing as hair is removed permanently with minimal discomfort.

Permanent Hair Removal - Demonstration Video

Price List for Permanent Hair Removal (PLEASE NOTE: Prices are per treatment):
Consultation with test Patch £15
Face any 2 combinations of upper lip, chin, cheeks or centre brow £30
Underarms £30
Arms (full) £60
Hands (both) £20
Full Leg £90
Half Leg (Inc Knees) £72
Bikini regular / extended £32
Brazilian /Hollywood £55
Neck (Nape) £20
Centre Line £20
Shoulders or Chest £30
Upper back £30
Lower back £30
Full back inc shoulders £90
Buttocks £25
Feet (both) £20
Stomach £20
Thighs £60
Chest £30
Extended chest area £60

IPL 2nd generation is IPL, otherwise known as Intense Pulse Light, with focused RF energy. This type of treatment is more powerful that the traditional IPL. It is still practically pain-free but it is more effective, particularly on stubborn to remove hair colours such as blonde, fair and grey hair. This system can effectively remove any hair colour on a permanent basis including black, brown, red, auburn and ginger coloured hair types.

Is Permanent Hair Removal Painful and are there any Side Effects?
IPL 2nd generation is safer to use on more skin types and hair colour ranges than earlier technology. The IPL 2nd Generation System has rapid multi pulse light, similar to laser therapy, which has the ability to hit more hair follicles. The rapid movement of the multi pulse light also means that the IPL is not constantly applied to one area of skin - this is why the procedure is painless. Side effects are rare and typically minor if they do occur. The majority of people return to normal activity straight away following treatment.

How does IPL 2nd Generation Work to Remove Hair Permanently?
IPL 2nd Generation gently heats the hair follicles and surrounding skin using rapid pulses of light which destroy the hairs permanently. The results are not immediate as it takes time to permanently kill the hair follicles, however, you should begin to notice a difference 3-4 weeks after receiving Permanent Hair Removal Treatment as hair will stop growing and patches will become evident.

When should I begin Permanent Hair Removal Treatment?
Any time is good to begin treatment as it's impossible for us to know what stage the hair is at that's why we advise a minimum of 6 sessions. There are three stages of hair growth known as Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. It’s during the Anagen Phase when the follicles are active where the treatment impacts on the follicle and prevents regrowth. There are three stages of hair growth known as Anagen, Catagen and Telogen. The following information explains the cycle of hair growth:

Anagen Phase: The majority of human hair (approximately 85%) is in the Anagen Stage at any one time. During this period, which usually lasts around 2-6 years, the hair is active and receives a supply of blood. At this stage, the follicles can be permanently killed.

Catagen Phase: During this transitional period, the hair moves from its active Anagen Phase to a dormant state of rest, cutting itself off from its blood supply.

Telogen Phase: This is short resting phase before the hair naturally falls out and the Anagen Phase begins once again.

How long does it take to Remove Hair Permanently?
It generally takes 6-8 sessions of IPL 2nd Generation Treatment to remove hair on a permanent basis.

In addition to permanent hair removal, this amazing technology also provides many types of Skin Rejuvenation Treatments. Please refer to our Skin Rejuvenation section for more information and prices.

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